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AT ANIMUS we are dedicated to the mindful instruction and coaching of ancient skills, crafts and activities. Exercising our minds and bodies in this natural way reduces stress, focuses the mind and prepares us for greater challenges in life. We strive to bring together the people that are passionate for life and have a desire to learn and improve their skills in any area.


AT ANIMUS we are always learning. We take time to listen to the needs of each student to ensure that everyone is included in the activities at our school.

AT ANIMUS we value loyalty, respect, and mindful communication. Our community is built upon these strong bonds, and in this environment we can fully enjoy the rewards of our ancestral skills and crafts.


ANIMUS ['æ•nɪ•mʌs] : The vehicle (body) that is animated when consciousness takes action. 

Our modern world is moving and changing at a breakneck pace. Technologies, consumerism, social media and politics seem to govern our society. In a natural world full of beauty, this unnatural lifestyle can create confusion, stress, and even despair in human beings.


This creates a need for us to return to a slower pace -- to remember the things that are truly important in life.


Over millions of years, we have evolved to live in harmony with nature, but in many ways we have disconnected from natural ways of living. Those were the ways of our ancestors. They had bustling communities, music, art and storytelling; not only did they survive -- they thrived.

The co-founders of Animus, Stephen Fox and Kylen Sabey, recognized the need for reconnection to nature. They felt a strong calling to utilize their skills, knowledge and talents to support those that are seeking to return to their roots, reduce stress and create more peace in their lives.

Thankfully, living in a natural way is simple. 

It starts with a safe place to land. This is why we created Animus, a community space built upon the basic principles of classical Yoga (Yamas/Niyamas.) At Animus, we build and support a community of kindness, communication and support and are sensitive and aware of the various needs of individuals in our community.

In this safe and welcoming environment, we are free to learn, explore and to make mistakes. We can focus intently on our crafts and skills, and we can laugh at ourselves, too.

Then, with practice, care and a positive attitude, our natural skills start to come alive.


We begin to embody our ancestors.

Start your journey today!

About our co-founders...



At an early age, Dublin-born Stephen Fox developed a keen interest ancient history. While pursuing his M.A. in 2013, he discovered a passion for Experimental Archaeology, which is the scientific discipline of recreating prehistoric artifacts with historically accurate tools and materials to better understand the people of the ancient past. It was then that Stephen discovered the art of bowmaking. Being an internationally acclaimed archer and bowyer has since taken him on quite an adventure. He worked for two summer seasons as a specialist handcrafter at the Lofotr Viking Museum in Norway. He then returned to his studies before being invited to work with Lykopis Archery as an Archery Technician for the CW's ARROW. It is through archery, bowmaking and prehistoric technologies that Stephen learned the true value practicing ancestral skills. He deeply values reconnection with nature, diversity of cultures and the mental & physical benefits of the practices of our ancestors. It's of this passion that ANIMUS was born.






Raised by a yogini mother, Kylen was immersed in yogic philosophy and practices from a young age. At the age of 20 she pursued alternative medicine in the form of Energy Healing, which is a series of non-touch techniques to gently heal the mind and body. After 7 years of practice, she found that the same healing principles coincided with ancient yogic teachings. She then sought a deeper connection with the origins of Yoga. After much research, she found the Himalayan Yog Ashram in Rishikesh, India which teaches an unbroken lineage of Yoga from ancient times: Hatha Yoga of the Himalayan Tradition. Like her teachers, she highly values ritual, practice, gentleness and acceptance of all people, regardless of background or barriers. The first principle that she instructs when approaching this ancient form of Yoga is self-love: 


"Be very kind, be very loving to yourself. From here, yoga begins."



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