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introDUCTION to archery Class

Our Intro to Archery class is a two-hour workshop that promises an informative, fun and engaging experience...

 whether you have been shooting for years or have never picked up a bow in your life!

As well as learning correct form, draw and release techniques, the intro class includes: 

  • A brief overview of the historic and ancient origins of the weapon 

  • Archery-specific stretches and warm-up exercises

  • Safety and range etiquette 

  • Equipment care and maintenance  


Our Intro to Archery class is designed to be safe for fun's sake and is perfect for those seeking a focused and disciplined practice, or for friends and families who simply wish to enjoy a thrilling and challenging activity. 

“The right shot at the right moment does not come because you do not let go of yourself. You do not wait for fulfillment, but brace yourself for failure.”

- Zen and the Art of Archery 

Class Structure

Once you have completed the Intro Class you are able to enroll in our Beginner Classes. 


We recognize that no two archers are physically the same and that some individuals have a different learning style and pace to others.  Diversity is what makes life fun. For this reason, our classes use a  self-paced curriculum and teaching style. Although archery can be competitive, it is ultimately a solitary sport of self-improvement. You are your own competition. Through the course of lessons with us, we will teach how to take responsibility for your own development through personalized curriculum, while our instructors provide coaching, correction and testing during each class. 

By becoming a member, you will also have full access to our Archery Range outside of classes during designated open range times and access to our workshop where you can learn to maintain and repair your equipment. 

Why we teach Archery 

The bow is a weapon that allowed our ancestors to literally bend nature to their will; claiming a place in the world and changing the course of human history in the process. From the first hunters and foragers to the Olympic champions of today, archery remains one of the most defining skills of humanity for over 65,000 years. 


It is one of the simplest and yet deeply rewarding ancestral skills one can practice. It is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and especially for those with disabilities

By teaching this ancient art, our goal is to give you:

  • Focus and concentration 

  • Motivation and honest self-evaluation

  • Skill

  • Confidence

  • Clarity of mind 

  • Strength and coordination 

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