Himalayan Tradition

of Hatha Yoga

What is Himalayan yoga?

Himalayan Yoga is the oldest living form of yoga practiced today. It carries on the original traditions of yoga from over 5000 years ago.


At Animus, we aim to preserve these yogic practices and teach them according to the ancient masters of India. Our lineage aligns with the Tantric and Vedic eras, bringing the lost wisdom of the past to modern day.

The core principle of the Himalayan tradition is to take good care of the body, mind and soul. Although traditional yoga is a disciplined practice, this tradition places a priority on self-love and self-care. Our approach to yoga is to apply gentleness as well as strength, and we adapt classes according to students' abilities and needs. Our top priority is to create a safe space for our students to fully relax. If we are stressed while practicing yoga, we cannot truly reap the benefits. Yoga can be applied to suit all people, and our teacher Kylen guides each student according to their level to support them in mind & body.

"Although traditional yoga is a disciplined practice, this tradition 

places a priority on self-love and self-care."

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why traditional yoga?

"Although traditional yoga is a disciplined practice, the Himalayan style approaches it with a mentality of self-love and self-care."

"It offers us the keys to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. This is the true magic of yoga."

Today, yoga is practiced in a variety of ways. There are many legitimate paths available to us today. At Animus, we chose the Himalayan path due to its gentleness, reliability and effectiveness for just about anyone. It offers the keys to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. This is the true magic of yoga.

The masters of the ancient past did not come upon the secrets to enlightenment by chance. They studied, practiced and meditated for millennia, passing on their knowledge to their disciples in each generation. We have access to this unbroken lineage through Himalayan yoga today.

Our teacher, Kylen Sabey, traveled to India in Feb, 2019 to discover the truth of the ancient practice of yoga. There, the Himalayan Yog Ashram instructs the depth of this ancient tradition as it was passed on from the masters 5000 years ago. This is what we teach at Animus.

About kylen

As the daughter of a yoga teacher, Kylen has been immersed in many styles of yoga from a young age. However, from age 13, she was most interested in the subtle energies of the body. From that age, she learned and practiced healing techniques from books until she found training in Vancouver. After a 6 years of clinical practice in Bio-Energy Healing, Kylen was invited to teach with her teacher, Michael D'Alton. From 2017 to 2019 she assisted his international training courses and taught yoga to his students. 

She now follows the path of the Himalayan Tradition of yoga as taught by the masters in India. Alongside her yoga classes, the healing modality that she now practices is Marma Chikitsa, or "energy point therapy." The knowledge she has gained from 8 years of clinical energy healing informs much of her yoga teaching.

Her approach is gentle, systematic and precise -- teaching her lineage authentically is a top priority. She has a naturally lighthearted attitude while holding deep reverence for yoga and its history.


Kylen offers engaging, simple practices that effectively reduce stress, anxiety, pain and depression. She endeavors to have a personal relationship with her students to better adapt her classes to suit their needs.

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