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Our Youth Programs

We offer a range of fun, interactive and engaging classes and workshops!

Perfect for kids ages 8 to 13. We teach range safety, correct form and basic draw and release techniques with modern recurve.

Class includes socializing warm-up exercises, one-on-one coaching and fun orientated games.

Our focus is on safe fun and making new friends in a positive learning environment.



A 4 hour workshop for school classes and community groups ages 8 - 12.

Through cave painting, singing and playing music together we teach kids about the 65,000 year old origin of music and art.

Make your own cave painting, carve your own flute and learn some songs from our ancient past. 

Ancestral Music and Art

Learn to make your own bow with professional bow-maker and adventuring archaeologist, Stephen Fox. 


Learn to use traditional historic hand tools to create your own prehistoric bow from solid maple! This day-long workshop is for ages 8 to 15. 




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